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There are about five dozens of conferencing releated companies in Japan currently and they are making a progress and shaping the future of our industry here.

CNA Report Japan has published conferencing newsletter since 1999 for readers in Japan, and read by some non-Japanese who understand Japanese language.

Keisuke Hashimoto feels that there is a growing demand for such newsletter written in English covering particularly Japan conferencing market since the relevant translated information or news are not so available outside Japan in the form of English language that is widely understood by many in the world.

-Japan Conferencing News Updates is a free newsletter published every second month in a PDF format to overseas conferencing industry professionals and users who are interested in getting information on what is happening in Japan conferencing market.

Plan for 2006, second day of May, July, September, November.

- Japan Conferencing News Updates is edited based on news articles in the Japanse newsletter published three times a month. So we sumerize and put them in each English edition that is published once a month that will go out on 2nd day of each month.

-Every edition for the English newsletter is downloadable from this CNA Report Japan JCNU Archives. So please come to this site each month to download the latest edition.
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