CNA Report Japan- Market Reserch & Consulting specialized in conferencing market in Japan
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-Market Research
CNA Report Japan has been tracking conferencing market in Japan since 1997 and has done conferencing market reports to our clients.
Also,in addition to that, we work with some market research firms to co-produce annual conferencing market reports or custom reports depending on clients' requirements.

We offer consulting services both to end users and vendors/CSPs in Japan.For end users, we offer intro-conferencing and training, and for vendors/CSPs,we offer marketing analysis, products/services strategy planning, branding.Also, market entry services for both Japanese and non-Japanese companies trying to enter conferencing market in Japan.

-Market Intelligence
We will provide you with information on the market status of Japanese conferencing industry and how to take advantage of the market opportunity based on our experience and expertise in the industry since 1997.

-Partnering with local companies in Japan
If you plan to enter Japan market, we will assist you in trying to find potential partners who can represent your company in Japan, by leveraging CNA Report Japan business network and exposing your company name on our web site and in our newsletter.



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